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    Alu Mart is the name of the specialization . it is an abbreviation of two English words :                                                                       ALUMINUM : the most important metallic element in the industry .  MART :   which means SOUQ or MARKET .

    Alu Mart established 2005 in KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA in the capital city Riyadh as headquarter and it's branches in Jeddah & Dammam .

    ACTIVITIES :                                                                               We are dealing now with import of ( aluminum accessories , building material , tools & hardware in whole and retail sales )  .                     During our relations we feel proud for realization a satisfactory level for our costumers . we pay high attention to the quality of our products , which selected by exports in this industry directly from origins : ( ITALY , GERMANY , TAIWAN , CHINA …. ) .                                               

    LONG EXPERIENCE :                                                                  Following of our profession continuously leads us to close understanding of rapid developments in this important industrial field , so that  we determine to get more and more not only new but also firm and constant useful goods .


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